Operated Excavator Hire with Tiltrotator - North Devon

Owner Operator based in North Devon

13 ton JCB JS130 Excavator with tilt rotator - North Devon

The photos below show how easily an excavator can cut a narrow gateway
through a tall bank and leave a good finish on both sides.

Tiltrotator on JCB JS130



In Scandanavia 90% of diggers and excavators are equipped with tiltrotators. They are making there way across Europe and America but in the UK are still rare. We had one of the first to be fitted in the South West and it needed an engineer to come accross from Sweden to fit. There are several different makes available but we decided on Kinshofer Tiltrotator - Nox TR14.

A tiltrotator is mounted on the excavator such that the excavator bucket can be rotated through 360 degrees and one tilts +/- 50 degrees, in order to increase the flexibility and precision of the excavator. A tiltrotator can best be described as a wrist between the arm of the excavator and bucket, (or whatever other tool is fitted to the tiltrotator's quick coupler). With its integral quick coupler and rotary swivel, the tiltrotator can also use extra hydraulic functions to power and manipulate other worktools below it such as tree shears, grapple or an concrete crusher, which can be attached to the quickcoupler on the tiltrotator, for simplified attachment mounting, dramatically increasing the excavator's utilization on the jobsite. Control systems which allows the operator to operate the machine fully through the joysticks.

After using it for a couple of weeks Shaun said he would never do back to excavator without one.