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Owner Operator based in North Devon

13 ton JCB JS130 Excavator with driver for hire in North Devon

EarthWorx - North Devon

Shaun Price is an owner operator on his 13 ton JCB JS130 excavator, working mainly in North Devon. He is a digger
driver with a real passion for his work.

He has recently added a tiltrotator to his excavator. This attachment is on 90% of diggers in Scandinavia but still rare in the UK. It is ideal for the landscaping work he loves, allowing his bucket to rotate 360 degrees & tilt 50 degrees each way. It is with the help of the tiltrotator that allows him to create a landscape just the way his customer wants it.

He also works a lot on farms, widening gateways, resurfacing drive ways, digging ditches and cutting back overing hanging branches using tree shears - much quicker than a chainsaw!

The JCB JS130 excavator is a big machine and with a skilled operator, can achieve an amazing amount of work in a day.

Shaun Price in his 13 ton JCB JS130 Excavator
Operated digger hire with tiltrotator


Why is a tiltrotator so useful you may ask.

Firstly it saves time and therefore saves you money!

It also will stop the digger from having to move around as much, thus keeping the area cleaner. It allows the driver to twist the bucket and dig from any direction. Think of it as adding a wrist to the traditional digger arm and bucket.

It can work in tighter spaces, the bucket able to work around obstacles in a way the tradition digger bucket would find impossible. It reduces the need for men on the ground.

Sitting with the machine in one place you can even dig a trench with a 90 degree bend without moving the digger!

It is not a tool for an unskilled operator though. It's operated by multifunctional joysticks, 4 thumb controls and lots of buttons.

When the guy from Kinshofer, who came all the way from Sweden to fit the tiltrotator, he told us, that it was a tool which only suited digger drivers from the Play Station generation!

Type of Work Undertaken

Drives and Roadways - Digging out topsoil, filling with sub-base and chippings as required.

Ponds and Landscaping - All types of large scale landscaping are undertaken.

Field Care - Drains, field ditches plus over hanging branches using tree shears, new gateways.

Woodland Tracks - Creating new tracks through woods using tree shears where needed.

Site Clearance - A large excavator along with a skilled operator will make short work of clearing a site,

Large Holes - With a long reach and by using tilt rotator this digger is ideal for digging large holes.

Operated excavator hire for drives, roadways, tracks, site clearance, ponds and large scale landscaping.